History of the Sunnah

Course Description

Compilations of hadith, or words attributed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, are the second most important form of religious text, in the Islamic tradition. Hadith is an essential source of deriving Islamic law and determining what is deemed as Sunna or a model of proper Islamic practice based on prophetic precedent. In addition, hadith are critical to understanding the Qur’an and many of its general injunctions which would be otherwise ambiguous without their correlating explanations found in hadith sources. This course will analyze the history of hadith and its preservation which are essential to understanding the authenticity of the Sunnah. Over the course of the program we will be looking to build a solid understanding of the roles the companions had in preserving the hadith during and after the life of the Prophet ﷺ and how their methods was used by those who came after them to preserve the Sunnah till it reached us today. Furthermore, we will investigate the doubts that were placed over the authenticity of the Sunnah while clarifying their misconception.


Course content will be presented through online lessons, online group discussion, and reading assignments. The student will be responsible to participate on a weekly basis in course activities as will be indicated by the instructor teaching the class.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

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Materials will be provided.

Competency Assessment

You will have several opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the principles taught in this course. The primary means of evaluating your work will be through the mini-quizzes, discussions, and final exam of the course. If you experience any difficulties with course content, please contact the instructor immediately.

Overview of the course

Readings and Activities:
This course will require readings from the textbook, viewing lectures and materials related to the course, participation in discussion forums and activities, a weekly mini-quiz and final exam.

Participation is crucial in enhancing the learning environment within an online course. All students are expected to be active participants in group discussions at least one time per week. Participation is encouraged and could be as simple as asking question, answering questions asked by the instructor, reading the text to the instructor that will explain it and engage in discussions on topics presented by the instructor.

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Jan/23/2021 - Feb/13/2021

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40 min






Abdulkadir Abdullahi