What Is The Ruling of Haraam Money Amassed Before One’s Islam? – Sh. Saud bin Abdul-Aziz Al – Khalaf


What Is The Ruling of Haraam Money Amassed Before One’s Islam?


“I’m a new Muslim and I have been released from prison. I served a sentence of almost 20 years. I still have some money left over earned through haram(impermissible) means. What is the ruling of this money? And can I use this money to spend on my family and use it to get married or even give charity from it?”


What is apparent from the question is that verily this man’s earnings were before he entered Islām. That these earnings were before his acceptance of Islam. And (the acceptance of) Islām nullifies that which occurred before it (of sin). Also, the Prophet ﷺ never ordered the polytheists that accepted Islam and the people of Islam did not order the people that used to disbelieve that they must discard the money they possessed before (their acceptance of Islam). And many of them possessed from their wealth that which was haram(impermissible). So what is apparent to me, is that after his acceptance into Islam, his Islam nullifies that which comes before it(of sin).So he should not look at what was before it (his acceptance in Islām). And that he accepts his new Islamic life. Therefore, this money has become part of his wealth of that which previously was from his days of disbelief and he has now accepted Islam so by the Will of Allah the sins that he fell into and performed to obtain this Haram(impermissible) money has been forgiven. As the Prophet ﷺ said to’Amr ibn’As,”Verily(the acceptance of) Islam nullifies that which occurred before it(of sin).Nullify meaning that Allah will verily forgive the sins of the person by his Islam, by his acceptance and entrance into Islām.The testimony of there is no Deity worthy of truth in worship except Allah.” So, I see it to be permissible to spend from the money upon himself and his family. And if he were to give charity from some it then that is up to him. That is what is apparent to me and knowledge of it is with Allah. Peace and Salutation upon our Prophet Muhammad and to his family and his Companions.

Source: https://youtu.be/ZUr2F-rWT2U